Parents Teacher Meeting Helds Every Month After Examination



There will be only two examinations i.e. Half Yearly and Final. Beside this there will be monthly formative Assessment in each subject. Result of Annual Assessment will be given according to the average marks of both Summative Assessment.

Formative Test:

1st Summative Test:

Formative Test:

2nd Summative Test:

May, July, & August


Nov, Dec, & Jan


School Hours

Morning Session:

Day Session:

7.00 Am to 12.00 Noon

9.30 am to 3.00 PM

Games & Sports

The students of this school are divided in to four houses with four colours:

  • Blue Bird, Blue : House Mistress - Moshmi Sen, Anjali Gupta
  • Robin, Red : House Mistress - Rekha Singh, Chandni Kumari
  • Eagle, Yellow : House Mistress - Sangeeta Sinha, Mamta Kumari
  • Peacock, Green : House Mistress - Binita Sinha, Sandhya Singh

Stage Incharge : Shivesh Singh, RB Singh, Rajeev Gupta

School Uniform

Bottle Green Pant/Skirt, Light Pink Shirt

Black Shoes & Shocks, Tie, Belt and Badge

(During Winter Session Bottle Green Sweater)

For Sports and Ceremonial Wear

White Pant/Skirt, White Shirt, Shoes and Shocks.